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Cross-Gen/Incest Porn Battle!

It's time! The prompts are below, under the cuts (and are frakking amazing). Post your ficlets in the comments to this entry, with the prompt you're using in the subject line, plus the rating of your ficlet. Readers should be advised that there will be (un-?)healthy amounts of cross-gen, incest, and underaged sex in the comments.

Alias: Irina Derevko/Jack Bristow/Katya Derevko, undercover

Andromeda: Beka Valentine/Ignatius Valentine, blood
Andromeda: Beka Valentine/Rafe Valentine, ship

Anne of Green Gables universe: Matthew Cuthbert/Marilla Cuthbert, desperation
Anne of Green Gables universe: Marilla Cuthbert/Anne Shirley, declaration
Anne of Green Gables universe: Anne Shirley/Paul Irving, fairy
Anne of Green Gables universe: Davy/Dora, mischief
Anne of Green Gables universe: Anne Shirley/Little Elizabeth, Tomorrow
Anne of Green Gables universe: Anne 'Nan' Blythe/Diana 'Di' Blythe, identical on the inside
Anne of Green Gables universe: Walter Blythe/Bertha Marilla 'Rilla' Blythe, moonshine
Anne of Green Gables universe: Walter Blythe/Bertha Marilla 'Rilla' Blythe, panpipes
Anne of Green Gables universe: Susan Baker/Shirley Blythe, solid

Angel: Cordelia/Jasmine, eruption
Angel: Roger/Wesley, punish
Angel, the Series: Liam/Kathy, drunkedness
Angel: Angel/Connor; control

Arrested Development: Lindsey Bluth-Funke/Michael Bluth, fake
Arrested Development: Michael Bluth/Maeby Funke, sanity
Arrested Development: Lindsay Bluth-Funke/George Michael Bluth, being there
Arrested Development: Lindsay Bluth-Funke/Maeby Funke, on our own
Arrested Development: George Michael Bluth/Maeby Funke, believing

Artemis Fowl: Domovoi Butler/Juliet Butler, victory
Artemis Fowl: Domovoi/Juliet/Artemis Fowl, reunion

BSC: Mallory Pike/Vanessa Pike, love poetry
BSC: Margo Pike/Claire Pike, motion sickness
BSC: Byron Pike/Adam Pike/Jordan Pike, ninjas
BSC: Janine Kishi/Claudia Kishi, studying
BSC: Dawn Schafer/Mary Anne Spier, honeymoon
BSC: Kristy Thomas/Karen Brewer, define
BSC: Jenny Prezzioso/Andrea Prezzioso: all grown up
Baby-Sitters Club: Mrs. Barrett/Dawn, unreasonable demands
Baby-Sitters Club: Mrs. Porter ("Morbidda Destiny")/Karen Brewer, spell
Baby-Sitters Club: Dr. Peggy Johanssen/Stacey McGill, educate

Battlestar Galactica: Kara/Bill, authority
Battlestar Galactica: Laura/Tory, strict
Battlestar Galactica: Kara/Saul, broken
BSG: Bill Adama/Kara Thrace, black
BSG: Lee Adama/Zak Adama, alcohol
BSG: Laura Roslin/Karl "Helo" Agathon, obedience
BSG: Kara Thrace/Saul Tigh: drown
BSG: Bill/Kara/Lee, faith
BSG: Bill/Kara, obedience
BSG: Laura/Lee, daddy issues
BSG: Laura/Kara, gods cannot control you
Battlestar Galactica: Lee Adama/Laura Roslin, trust
Battlestar Galactica: Sharon Valerii/Sharon Agathon, unlike
Battlestar Galactica: Lee Adama/Ellen Tigh, voyeur
Battlestar Galactica: Helena Cain/Kara Thrace, blinded
Battlestar Galactica: Bill Adama/Laura Roslin/Lee Adama, don'tcarejustwantsomeonetowriteit
BSG: Laura/Cally, that's enough
BSG: Laura/Cally, we can do this
BSG: Gaius/Cally, what else is she for
BSG: Gaius/Cally, destruction

Biblefic: Mary, mother of Jesus/Mary, wife of Clopas, sunset
Biblefic: Mary, mother of Jesus/Elizabeth, mother of John, watching youth
Biblefic: Cain/his sister, devotion
Christian Saints: Mary, mother of God/St. Anne, light
Biblefic: any incest from the 2nd or 1st/2nd generation, "be fruitful and multiply"
Biblefic: Ruth/Naomi, grain
Biblefic: Saul/David/Jonathan, pine

Big Love: Nicki/Sarah, daughter
Big Love: Sarah/Rhonda, game
Big Love: Nikki/Sarah, over my head
Big Love: Sarah/Rhonda, I can teach you
Big Love: Sarah/Ben, who cares

Blues Brothers: Jake Blues/Elwood Blues, cigarettes

BtVS: Buffy/Dawn, making up for lost time
BtVS: Faith/Mayor, picnic
BtVS: Giles/Buffy, balcony
BtVS: Giles/Willow, advance
BtVS: Giles/Willow, collapse
BtVS: Giles/Scoobies of choice, stacks
BtVS: Giles/Dawn, discover
BtVS: Giles/Joyce/Buffy, Christmas cookies
Buffy: Giles/Tara, meeting of true minds
Buffy: Giles/Dawn, boy bands
Buffy: Angel/Dawn, defiance
BtVS: Giles/Tara, ballroom dancing

Carnivale: Justin/Iris, elemental
Carnivale: Ruthie/Ben, steady
Carnivale: Justin/Sofie, inheritance
Carnivale: Justin Crowe/Sofie Bojakshiya, absolution
Carnivale: Justin Crowe/Iris Crowe, crown
Carnivale: Iris/Sofie, photographs
Carnivale: Dora Mae Dreifuss/Libby Dreifuss, shine
Carnivale: Ruthie/Ben Hawkins, charm

 Charlotte/Joy, words

Clueless: Mel/Cher, ridiculous

Contact: Ted/Ellie, stargaze

Dark Angel: Lydecker/Max, engineer
Dark Angel: Max/Lydecker, hell
Dark Angel: Max/Eva, before

DCU: Zor-El/Kara Zor-El, spaceship
DCU: Zor-El/Kara Zor-El, you'll have to be naked
DCU: Conner Kent/Kara Zor-El, weekends
DCU: Kara Zor-L/Kara Zor-El, forbidden
DCU: Zatara/Zatanna; there are no new paths of magic
DCU: Kara Zor-El/Jor-El, avuncular pride
DCU: Alya Ranzz/Kara Zor-El, emotion
DCU: Alya Ranzz/Garth Ranzz, ties that bind
DCU: Alya Ranzz/Mekt Ranzz, guilt
DCU: Kara Zor-El/Brainiac 5, disgust
DCU (Bruce Timm toons): Green Arrow/Supergirl, white cotton panties
DCU (comics): Kal-El/Kara Zor-El, breathless
DCU (comics): Kal-El/Kon-El, cornfields
DCU (comics): Barry Allen/Wally West, reluctant
DCU (comics): Wally West/Bart Allen, you're such a pest
DCU (comics): Selina Kyle/Dick Grayson, handcuffs
DCU (comics): Selina Kyle/Tim Drake, petting
DCU (comics): Bruce Wayne/Cassandra Cain, tenderness
DCU (comics): Bruce Wayne/Stephanie Brown, anticipation
DCU: Oracle/Supergirl, can't hide from yourself
DCU: Black Canary/Supergirl, take it from me
DCU: Jim Gordon/Babs Gordon, patience
DCU: Bruce Wayne/Cassandra Cain, understanding
DCU: Bruce Wayne/Tim Drake, legacy
DCU: Tim Drake/Lady Shiva, training

Doctor Who: Martha Jones/Tish Jones, adventure
Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor/Susan Foreman, what you've become
Doctor Who: Ian Chesterton/Susan Foreman, trust
Doctor Who: Martha Jones/Tish Jones, gown

Dukes of Hazzard: Bo Duke/Luke Duke, cowboy up!

Ender's Game: Peter Wiggin/Valentine Wiggin, don't leave me
Ender's Game: Peter Wiggin/Valentine Wiggin, plan for the present
Ender's Game: Peter/Val, impatience
Ender's Game: Peter/Val, asleep
Ender's Game: Peter/Val, shower

fairy tales: Cinderella/stepmother, chore
fairy tales: Snow White/Wicked Queen, dancing shoes
fairy tales: Gretel/Witch,

Farscape: Jack Crichton/John Crichton, action figures
Farscape: Moya/Talyn, rivers

Firefly: Simon/River, domme!River
Firefly: Mal/Simon/River, our witch
Firefly: Mal/omc "Course your daddy tells me it takes the space of a schoolboy's wink to get you out of it again."
Firefly: Simon/River, ballet
Firefly: Simon/River, guilt
Firefly: Jayne/Mattie, ratty old blanket
Firefly: Simon Tam/River Tam, pulse
Firefly: River/Regan, ice
Firefly: River/Regan, royalty
Firefly: River/Simon, DNA
Firefly: Mal/Simon/River, emergency
Firefly: Kaylee/Simon/River, playing games
Firefly: Inara/Simon/River, class
Firefly: Book/Kaylee, hope

Global Frequency: Aleph/Miranda Zero, instant
Global Frequency: Miranda Zero/Aleph, break

Gone with the Wind: Gerald/Scarlett, ride
Gone with the Wind: Rhett/Bonnie, hair ribbon

Grey's Anatomy: Ellis Grey/Meredith Grey, hands

Harold and Maude: Harold/Maude, blowing bubbles

HP: Luna/Mr. Lovegood, what others don't see
HP: Lily/Petunia, special
Harry Potter: Ron Weasley/Ginny Weasley, crucio
Harry Potter: Lucius Malfoy/Pansy Parkinson, retrieval
HP: Neville/Augusta Longbottom, a magical error
Harry Potter: Sirius Black/Harry Potter, prompt word is "James"
Harry Potter: Percy/Ginny, secrets
Harry Potter: McGonagall/Hermione, tied
Harry Potter: McGonagall/Luna, tongue
Harry Potter: McGonagall/Luna/Hermione, flicker
HP: James/Harry; rebellion
HP: Lily/Harry; newlywed
Harry Potter: Dumbledore/Harry, manhood
HP: Rita Skeeter/Harry Potter, broom closet
HP: Ron/Ginny, wardrobe
HP: Ron/Ginny, quiet
HP: Ron/Ginny/Hermione, alphabet
HP: Ron/Ginny/Pansy, garter

Heroes: Noah Bennet/Claire, homecoming
Heroes: Peter/Claire, hideout
Heroes: Angela/Nathan, that's politics
Heroes: Niki/Jessica, skin
Heroes: Nathan Petrelli/Claire Bennet, homecoming
Heroes: Nathan Petrelli/Peter Petrelli: commando
Heroes: Nathan/Peter/Claire: burn

His Dark Materials: Lyra Belacqua/Mrs Coulter, corrupt
His Dark Materials: Lyra Belacqua/Serafina Pekkala, immortality
His Dark Materials: Will Parry/Mary Malone, travel

Keeping Up Appearances: Daisy/Rose, a great romance
Keeping Up Appearances: Hyacinth/Violet, pony
Keeping Up Appearances: Richard/Sheridan, manly hobbies
Keeping Up Appearances: Elizabeth/Emmett, avoiding the issue

A Little Princess: Captain Crewe/Sara Crewe, satisfy
A Little Princess: Sarah Crewe/Becky, following orders
A Little Princess: Jesse/Lavinia, punishment
A Little Princess: Maria Minchin/Amelia Minchin, silly goose
A Little Princess: Sarah Crewe/Anne, cooking lessons
A Little Princess: Sarah/Lottie, maybe one day
A Little Princess: Sarah Crewe/Ermengarde St. John, what friends are for

Little Women universe: Jo/Beth, written
Little Women universe: Meg/Jo/Beth/Amy, dress-up
Little Women universe: John 'Demi' Brooke/Margaret 'Daisy' Brooke, caretaker

L'Engleverse: Mrs Who/Mrs Which/Mrs Whatsit, bright shining

LotR: Arwen/Elrond, forever is a long time to be missing you
LoTR: Elrond/Arwen, last leaves that fall in Rivendell
LoTR: Theodon/Eowyn, between bower and plains
LotR: Galadriel/Arwen, what you must know
LotR: Galadriel/Gil-galad, honour where it is due

The Manchurian Candidate (any version): Raymond/Eleanor, power

Matilda (either 'verse): Miss Honey/Matilda, tickle
Matilda (movieverse): Agatha Trunchbull/Jenny Honey, Lyssie doll
Matilda (either 'verse): Trunchbull/Miss Honey/Matilda, march

My Summer of Love: Mona/Phil, mission

Muppets: Statler/Astoria, a thing to do
Muppets: Scooter/Skeeter, it's been a long time

Narnia: Peter/Susan, into the woods
Narnia: Peter/Susan, sunset
Narnia: Susan/Lucy, archer
Narnia: Aslan/Susan/Lucy, healed
Narnia: Susan/Peter, reality of rule
Narnia: Susan/Peter/Edmund, getting lost

NCIS: Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Abby Sciuto, smart is sexy
NCIS: Ducky Mallard/Abby Sciuto, pigtails

Nip/Tuck: Ava/Adrian, tangle
Nip/Tuck: Ava/Matt, narcissism
Nip/Tuck: Ava/Adrian/Matt, fluid
Nip/Tuck: Quentin/Kit, perfection
nip/tuck: Sean McNamara/Matt McNamara/Christian Troy, blood

The Parent Trap: Annie/Hallie, being alone
The Parent Trap: Annie/Hallie, tag team
The Parent Trap: Chessy/Annie, pancakes

Peanuts: Lucy/Linus, blanket
Peanuts: Charlie Brown/Sally Brown, doubt

Peter Pan: Hook/Wendy, bloodied
Peter Pan: Mr. Darling/Wendy, Tower of London

PoTC: Captain Teague/Jack Sparrow, you're in my way, boy
PotC: young!Elizabeth/young!Will, improper

Prison Break: Michael Scofield/Lincoln Burrows, jeans

Profit: Profit/Bobbi, playing house

RPF: Enrico Colantoni/Kristen Bell, stocking
HP RPS: Gary Oldman/Daniel Radcliffe, comparing heights
VM RPS: Enrico Colantoni/Kristen Bell, driver's seat
RPF: Enrico Colantoni/Tina Majorino, screw it
RPF: Joss Whedon/Tina Majorino, fantasy
RPF: Miranda Richardson/Tina Majorino, off with her head
Narnia RPF: Tilda Swinton/Anna Popplewell, experience
Narnia RPF: William Moseley/Anna Popplewell/Skandar Keynes, wagers won and lost
Wrestling RPF: Shane McMahon/Stephanie McMahon, loyalty
RPF: Joss Whedon/Tina Majorino, rocket launcher
RPF: Joss Whedon/Summer Glau, jolly holiday

A Room of One's Own: William Shakespeare/Shakespeare's Sister, dark lady

Sandman: Death/Dream, oath
Sandman: Del/Destruction, the final change
Sandman: Desire/Despair, mirror
Sandman: Dream/Desire, battle

The Secret Garden (musicalverse): Neville Craven/Mary Lennox, portrait
The Secret Garden: Susan Sowerby/Martha Sowerby, orange
The Secret Garden: Martha Sowerby/Dickon Sowerby, bathwater

Shakespeare [As You Like It]: Rosalind/Celia, lost
Shakespeare [Taming of the Shrew]: Bianca/Kate, blindfold
Shakespeare (King Lear): Gonereil/Reagan/Edmund, competition
Shakespeare, The Tempest, Prospero/Miranda, new to thee

Stargate: SG-1: Jacob Carter/Sam Carter, baseball
Stargate: SG-1: Jacob Carter/George Hammond/Sam Carter, military ball
Stargate: SG-1: George Hammond/Sam Carter, Cinderella

Supernatural: Sam/Dean, gun kink
Supernatural: Sam/Dean/Jess, Halloween
Supernatural: Demon!John/Dean, mindfuck
Supernatural: John/Jo, I'mma teach you a lesson
Supernatural: Sam/Ellen, hold me
Supernatural: Dean/Ellen, what's on tap
Supernatural: Dean/girl!Sam, bareback

Sweet Valley High: Elizabeth/Jessica, pink lotion

Tamora Pierce: Kel/Wyldon, sweat
Tamora Pierce: Sandry/Briar, vines

To Kill a Mockingbird: Atticus/Scout, whip
To Kill a Mockingbird: Scout/Jem, wire
To Kill a Mockingbird: Atticus/Jem, prosecute

V for Vendetta: V/Delia Surridge, lace

VMars: Madison Sinclair/Ryan Mackenzie, chores
VMArs: Madison Sinclair/Lauren Sinclair, watching
VMars: Cindy Mackenzie/Ryan Mackenzie, sharing a tent
VMars: Cindy Mackenzie/Lauren Sinclair, cyberlove
Vmars: Keith Mars/Veronica Mars, superstition
VMars: Lilly Kane/Celeste Kane, because I said so
VMars: Lilly Kane/Jake Kane, power struggle
VMars: Meg Manning/Lizzy Manning, mercy
VMars: Keith Mars/Veronica Mars/Cindy Mackenzie, breakfast
VMars: Madison Sinclair/Lauren Sinclair/Cindy Mackenzie, odd girl out
VMars: Ryan Mackenzie/Lauren Sinclair, baseball
Veronica Mars: Keith/Veronica, ireallydon'tcarejustwriteitplease
Veronica Mars: Keith/Veronica, hairbrush
Veronica Mars: Keith/Leanne/Veronica, lights out
VMars: Keith/Veronica; sacrifice
VMars: Keith/Veronica; stakeout in the honeymoon suite
VMars: Jake Kane/Lilly Kane; cruel mistress
VMArs: Keith Mars/Cindy Mackenzie, being awesome
VMars: Keith Mars/Madison Sinclair, teaching a lesson
VMars: Keith Mars/Gia Goodman, any better
VMars: Cassidy Casablancas/Kendall Casablancas, blackmail
VMars: Cassidy Casablancas/Dick Casablancas, just do it, okay?
VMars: Aaron Echolls/Lilly Kane/Veronica Mars, alcohol
VMars: Veronica Mars/Cassidy Casablancas, evil
Veronica Mars: Keith/Veronica, lullaby
Veronica Mars: Duncan/Lilly, roses
Veronica Mars: Duncan/Lilly/Veronica/Logan, waterfall
VM: Keith/Mac/Veronica, unscripted
VMArs: Van Clemens/Veronica Mars, a student like you
VMars: Van Clemens/Veronica Mars/Cindy Mackenzie/Vincent Clemens, dream or nightmare, according to perspective
VMars: Keith Mars/Veronica Mars/Madison Sinclair, scenario
VMars: Keith Mars/Veronica Mars/Gia Goodman, family
VMars: Veronica Mars/Cassidy Casablancas, robbing ice cream stands
VMars: Cindy Mackenzie/Lauren Sinclair, making up for lost time
Veronica Mars: Lilly Kane/Duncan Kane, decay
Veronica Mars: Lilly Kane/Duncan Kane/Logan Echolls, drowning
Veronica Mars: Veronica Mars/Lilly Kane/Duncan Kane, missing
Veronica Mars: Logan Echolls/Trina Echolls, screen test

West Wing: Liz Bartlet/Ellie Bartlet, infidelity
West Wing: Leo McGarry/CJ Cregg, California
West Wing: Zoey Bartlet/Annie Westin, school
the West Wing: Abbey/Ellie, finally

Wicked: G(a)linda/Nessarose, ability
Wizard of Oz and/or Wicked: Elphaba/Dorothy, tinted

Woman in White: Laura/Anne, into the darkness
Woman in White: Laura/Marian, roses
Woman in White: Laura/Anne/Marian, lovebirds

X-Men: Celeste Cuckoo/Esme Cuckoo/Mindee Cuckoo/Phoebe Cuckoo, mourning
X-Men: Celeste/Mindee/Phoebe, swearing off boys
X-Men: Charles Xavier/Cassandra Nova, tryst
X-Men: Rachel Summers/Jean Grey, but I want to
X-Men: Cable/Jean Grey, not really
X-Men: Rachel Summers/Madelyne Prior, wishes
X-Men: Pietro/Wanda, rivalry
X-Men: Wanda/Magneto, lust for power
X-Men: Katherine Anne Pryde/Carmen Pryde, memories
X-Men: Kitty Pryde/Mindee Cuckoo, counsel
X-Men: Scott Summers/Blindfold, in the dark

Crossover (BSC/BSC RPF): Ann M. Martin/Kristy Thomas, baseball cap
BtVS/Jackie Chan Adventures: Riley Finn/Finn (Okay, it's a stretch), jurisdiction
Drive/Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place: Alex Tully/John Donnelly, Up Next on Jerry Springer: Separated at Birth!
Dukes of Hazzard/Newsradio: Daisy Duke/Catherine Duke, cowgirl up!
Firefly/RPF: Joss Whedon/River Tam, betrayal
Matilda/The Parent Trap: Annie/Hallie/Matilda, roommates
Sports Night/Baby-Sitters Club: Dana/Natalie/Kristy, national news
SGA/Angel: Evan Lorne/Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan, sea breeze
Supernatural/M*A*S*H: John Winchester/Charles Emerson Winchester, declasse
Star Wars/Man from U.N.C.L.E.: Han Solo/Napoleon Solo, "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?"
Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place/The Black Donnellys: John Donnelly/Tommy Donnelly, Holy Day of Obligation
VMars/RPF: Joss Whedon/Cindy Mackenzie, chat room
VMars/RPF: Joss Whedon/Cassidy Casablancas, role-playing
VMars/RPF: Joss Whedon/Cindy Mackenzie/Cassidy Casablancas, geeklove
X-Men/BtVS: Scott Summers/Buffy Summers, "you drive like a spaz"
X-Men/BtVS: Scott Summers/Dawn Summers, issues of trust
X-Men/Star Trek: Leonard McCoy/Hank McCoy, Slouching Toward Bethlehem
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