Episkopos Rev. Alixtii O'Krul V, TRL (alixtii) wrote,
Episkopos Rev. Alixtii O'Krul V, TRL


This yuletide, I've received Here's My Breast; Strike Home, which is the High School AU of 'Tis Pity She's a Whore you all know I've been wanting for a while now. It's told from Annabella's POV and is delicious and 'cesty, just like I wanted. Serious guh.

I wrote two fics this year for Yuletide. One's in the main collection, the other's in Madness. They both have pretty clear signs of my handiwork, one of them--ahem--perhaps especially so. If you're interested in guessing which I wrote, comments are screened. I'll unscreen any comments which aren't guesses unless you tell me not to.

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