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Somebody named Veronica

Mac has been gone for so long that her sudden reappearance is somewhat distracting. (Okay, Tina Majorino's awesomeness is also somewhat distracting, but that is neither here nor there.) I mean, she doesn't have a project or a viewing or a wedding or a funeral or a whatever it is that she has every week when she isn't in her dorm room? (Parker must be loving it; it's like she has an oversized single.)

And the fact that she is just there is . . . well, that's how it should be every week, no big deal. Every scene Tina's in shouldn't have to be about Mac. But it is a big deal because we've seen Mac in what, three episodes so far? And I missed one of those and does she even have a character arc? (I mean, something pretty significant did happen to her last year, and I shouldn't have to turn to fanfic to find out about the fallout.)

Logan, how much do I not care about your angst and/or your relationship with Veronica? Please to be getting out of the scene (you too, Dick) so I can see Mac, please kthxbye.

I really thought Tim's girlfriend was Kendall. At least the show is assuming that I have a memory, but I actually have a longer memory than the show is assuming that I have. A much longer memory. Where has Amanda Seyfrield been this season? We haven't any dream sequences. Come on, Lilly. Please to be haunting Veronica and kicking her ass into gear? Kthxbye.

Oh, Veronica's UST-ing with the dean. He's not Van Clemens, but as long as they keep having sexual chemistry I'll agree to like him.

Keith and Veronica's relationship seems to be oddly platonic tonight, although they still have the married couple vibe.

Oh, Mac and Veronica, why couldn't you have been like this all season. Oh, because Mac was never on campus all season.

Mac, you are teh awesome. Tina, you are teh awesome. Writers, I hate you because you are giving her absolutely nothing with which to work. "Resistance is futile"? Did Beaver steal her entire personality along with her clothes?

Ooh, I got the Annie Hall reference! I saw that movie!

Who is the rapist? Am I supposed to recognize him? He's an . . . amusing character suddenly? Except, you know. Not on account of raping people. And amusing as his insane little monlogue might have been, no, it did not count as character motivation. As far as I see, there was none.

Okay, has this plot arc involved any actual detective work. I mean, I don't mind even sort-of-subtly-hidden dei ex machina (presumably all of the gods shouldn't be coming out of the same machine, but off the top of my head I don't know how to conjugate the plural of machina--help anyone? Anyway, I didn't have any problem with the Lilly Kane sex tapes or the "not pictured" photo as plot devices (my problem with Cassidy as killer had nothing to do with the actual mystery), but here? "End up as bait" is about as bad as plans get.

At least the blonde in the alleyway is being saved from the vampires by another blonde, and not her boyfriend (or, for that matter, her father). But when the blonde is supposed to be all Mary Sue. . . .

And why so much effort to catch the rapist all of sudden? I know some people had similar problems with the way last season was structured, complaining that Veronica seemed to not care about the bus crash, then care about it for maybe an episode, then not again. . . . But this seemed very much "Hurry up! We have to catch the rapist in the next 50 minutes because this plot arc is ending!"

Requiescat in pace Dean O'Dell. You died too soon, i.e. before you could sex up Veronica. I could(n't) care less who killed you, though.

Oh, Logan. That's the first interesting thing you've done all season.

Yeah. I really have to say, not as good as Torchwood. Be cool again, Veronica. Be will-to-powery. Or have you matured beyond that? Is that little piece of Kitty Pryde Lilly Kane inside you dead?

Oh well. 5 days until the next Torchwood!
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