Episkopos Rev. Alixtii O'Krul V, TRL (alixtii) wrote,
Episkopos Rev. Alixtii O'Krul V, TRL

TGWTG: "Nostalgia Chick Must Die!"

Nostalgia Chick Must Die! (4149 words) by faviconAlixtii
Fandom: Nostalgia Chick (webseries), That Guy with the Glasses
Rating: Not Rated
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Nella & Nostalgia Chick, Nostalgia Chick/Todd in the Shadows, Obscurus Lupa/Todd in the Shadows, Todd in the Shadows/Original Character
Characters: Nostalgia Chick, Nella (That Guy with the Glasses), Makeover Fairy, Cochram Block, Coquette Tease, Todd In The Shadows, Lord MacGuffin, Original Characters, Mignon (Nostalgia Chick's dog), Kelly Ripa, Justin Bieber, quasi-demonic intergalactic force of evil, Lindsay Ellis, BFF Inc.
Summary: When the Makeover Fairy uses Block and Tease to construct a Nostalgia Clone from Lindsay's DNA, Lindsay finds herself out in the cold--and vowing revenge. [Dreamwidth] This entry was originally posted at http://alixtii.dreamwidth.org/349991.html. There are currently comment count unavailable comments there. You can comment there, using Open ID, or here.
Tags: nostalgia chick, yuletide
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