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Dear Fic Corner Scribbler

Hey there!

I love children's lit because it is so what I call will-to-poweriness or the adolescent fantasy, as I discuss at length in this post from 2006. I'm particularly fond of female protagonists, and female children and teenagers who prove themselves to be the equals (or betters) to adults because they are just that awesome are some of my favorite people to read about, and kid's lit delivers with many great examples.

I have few squicks--I'm fine with character death, BDSM, mpreg, dubcon, noncon, chan, incest--you name it, I'm probably okay with it. Just please no bashing of my favorite characters. Happy, uplifting fics are good, but so are soul-crushingly depressing ones so long as the pairings and characters get to be awesome. Ambivalent fics where we're not sure whether we should cheer or cry are probably best of all. If I didn't like existentialism and pseudo-nihilism in my fic, I wouldn't be a Joss Whedon fan.

You really don't have to worry about ruining my childhood or anything like that.

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

The super-'shippy chapter at the end of New Chronicles of Rebecca notwithstanding, Rebecca and Emma Jane are so married to each other. I'd love to see femslash which emphasizes the way they complement each other. Perhaps futurefic where Rebecca the famous poet travels to Paris with Emma Jane at her side as trusty companion?
Emma Jane is the Alice B. Toklas to Rebecca's Gertrude Stein. These two are just so incredibly married that showing them at pretty much any stage of their life would be awesome. You could write a first time, showing their first date or first kiss or first time they had sex, or you could go established relationship because the books already have done everything needed to convince me of them as a couple. You could write a missing scene from the periods of time covered by the two books, or show what happens after the end of the books, or you could write a futurefic like suggested in the prompt above. Anything really goes here, from a small comfortable vignette like those found in New Chronicles of Rebecca to something more serious wrestling with the historical context to something truly wild in which Emma Jane and Rebecca fight off aliens or travel in the TARDIS to something more solidly romantic to PWP where they roleplay in the bedroom. Or all of the above. Just so long as Emma Jane and Rebecca keep that married vibe which is so--unintentionally, of course, or so one assumes--strong in canon. The more femslashy the better, of course!
Feel free to just ignore the het romances gestured towards in canon; I suppose I don't have a problem with Adam Ladd appearing in the fic, since he obviously has been a huge influence in the lives of both Rebecca and Emma Jane, but I'd prefer for the romance and focus of the fic should be between the two girls.
I also 'ship Jane/Miranda Sawyercest, but not only is Emma Jane/Rebecca closer to my heart, but it's probably also easier to write and less squicky to the world at large.

The Squad

I was pimped into this fandom by [personal profile] fox1013 and you can read my original squeeful reactions to the first book here. I ILL'd the books at first but now own both of the audiobooks narrated by Amanda Ronconi.

I love all the characters I nominated (and most of the ones I didn't) and any chance to spend some time with them would be great. Femslash would be great, especially Toby/Chloe, Toby/Tara, or Brittany/Tiffany, because let's face it, part of the appeal (at least for me) is all of the homoerotic overtones between the cheerleader spies. I'm also interested in het involving Noah, either Noah/Lucy or Noah/Brittany/Tiffany, especially from Toby's POV (although from the POV of one of the other squad members would be interesting, too).
Maybe Toby could have Tara over for dinner, only to find out that Noah has also invited Lucy? I'd love to see the Klein parents get involved too.
If you want to do something more plotty or action-adventurey, that's fine too, as long as there's still a large character-driven element, even if it's not romantic in nature.
The only thing I'm really not interested in is het involving Toby or anything involving Jack Peyton.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

I'm interested in Nick and Norah the morning after. Or possibly the week after. Or a year after. (Although my preference would be closer to the night of the book's event, when the attraction was still shiny and new and a little bit overwhelming.) Pretty much any follow-up at all would be great to see the transformation of Nick and Norah's magical night into the hard work of a relationship.
I included Tris in my nominations because she's obviously going to be a factor in at least Norah's life until graduation, and you really can't expect a femslasher to not read at least a little bit into a canonical f/f kiss. So a hot Nick/Norah/Tris threesome is totally on the table, I'm just saying, even if I'm not at all emotionally invested in Tris the way I am in Nick and in Norah.

The Neverending Story

The theodicy of Phantásien/Fantasia/Fantastica. What does the Empress think of Xayide and her battle? How do these two interact with each other when they meet? Femslash, whether hatesex or something with more complicated power dynamics, would be awesome here, but so would thoughtful gen.

I thought up this prompt years ago, but I don't think I ever actually asked for it in anything until now.

Ender's Game

I love to see Peter and Valentine interacting and taking over the world, whether when they are kids before Val leaves Earth or in an AU where Valentine stays for whatever reason. Incest is great, but I bring my own subtext so just seeing them working together is usually fine, especially if their relationship is highly cathective (as it really ought to be, given canon) even explicitly romantic or sexual!
This is a fandom I've dipped my pen into a few times, always with the focus being on the relationship between Peter and Valentine, and I received the lovely story Six Dances in Yuletide 2006 written to what was basically this prompt, but I still love these two siblings so much and can never get enough of them together.
But this time I nominated Petra Arkanian as well, because she's one of my favorite characters as well, and I hate how Card (among other things) never quite lets her come into her own. I 'ship both Peter/Petra and Valentine/Petra (and, of course, Peter/Valentine/Petra) but if you include her I'd love to see her as strong and independent regardless of what relationships she may or may not be in, rather than being primarily defined by the men in her life. Possibly as Strategos under Peter's Hegemony?

The A.I. Gang

I wrote a story in this fandom for Yuletide 2010, and had a blast. I especially love the girls, Rachel and Wendy, and would love anything where I'd get to see the gang (in whole or part) being all will-to-powery and super-geniusy. I mean, the series is escapist adolescent fantasy wish fulfillment and doesn't pretend to be anything else, so why not embrace it?
I'd love to see them a few years after the events of the books, when they're a bit older and need to face somewhat more adult situations.
I 'ship Rachel/Roger, Rachel/Wendy, and Wendy/Ray.
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